Idk.idk what happen.i always think why my life must be like this?be so awesome?why?oh,maybe this is a test for me from allah.but im not strong enough............wth is going on?seriously my life was so so so awesome ! aand i love it.ya allah,give me a strenght tto go on with this world.people around me getting more love me.idk why.what i had done?but not all.alhamdullilah but i still don't understand why they being that person.being like that.oh,maybe she just want to friend with hot girl,beautiful,and have a power to attract a boy.perhaps......idk why.all i know is i love people around me forever.she/he is  a bad or kind idc anymore.i love love me too?omg,melting~~~
        But for those who i had make mistake,like deleting you,unfollow you,block you or sorry.pardone me.seriously,i want to talk to the girl who say i delete her.i want to say that "wey,aku tak delete kau lah,even ramai kata kau tu ini lah itu lah,idc,tapi rasa sakit hati lah sebab kau kata aku sebegitu teruknya.acctually kau yang kata kau tak boleh buka twitter tu aku unfollow le.tapi bila kau dah active aku follow balik an?" nwm ah,just forgive me and i will leave you.i will run away from your too cruel right?i can't be a good friend to not perfect for you.btw,you have a good friend so me.let me live in a peace.thank you.

        And i don't know what happen to my life now.totally ohsem.tunggang terbalik.i wish i have someone who will make my heart dup dap dup dap and make my mouth smile and laugh and show my shine bright like a diamond teeth.why?idk.haha.i will make sure that a person who had make me happy,will live in a happy life too cause i will do the same thing that you did to me.and say thank you,i wanna cry.bye .


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