nothing to say.

assalamualikum and hi,pretty/handsome.

nothing to say?yeahhh ;) nothing to say but have something to type;)i don't say or talk,but i type:) funny?no,im not making funny because im not RAJA LAWAK.heyy,guyss,that day,masa cuti sekolah 2 weeks.i have a best day.with my BIG family.there were,my cousin,mom,parents,uncle,nenek;)i have a best day.tak ku ceritakan kan how my perjalanan?haha.just PENANG lah guys.not PARIS,LONDON or else.ohmyghos.i want to go PARIS>.<it's my dream.forget about that.penang?apa yg best?but,wa sudah tahu lah kat sana macam mana.lain tau.sikit lah.penat meneroka di sana.GPS ada,tapi mcm tak ada.paham?GPS TAK GUNA!haha.GPS tu dah dpt PENUMBUK dari PAK NGAH;)best tak GPS?mana tak?dia kata,after junction turn right,nak turn right mcm mana syg?klu kita turn right,langgar rumah org tahu?btw,bangunan kat sana semua besar besar.and kfc dia bkn mcm kita,lain;)tesco pun,kita tesco ada warna right?biru klu tak slh,tapi kat sana,tesco dia white.suci jeh.heww:3guys,it's almost 4 am.i have to go sleep.and my eyes is about to die.i just want to say,night lah,i just bored and i think i was not to sleppy,but now,i to sleppy.too mucj!sorry people.*menguap*night.maybe i think i should change the tittle to nothing to type.but,nwm.i have write something,then i want to say'nothing to>.<this is funny!laugh lah!yeahh!good boys/girls!*clap hand*bye:*


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